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In 2016 Boyle Heights experienced 5 killings at the hands of killer cops. In all of these cases, the teens and men killed by LAPD were of Chicano or Latino nationality.

Since then, Centro CSO has been working hard to bring justice to each of these victim’s families, and have witnessed how our Black sisters and brothers have also been similarly attacked. This is why Centro CSO has united with Black Lives Matter – Los Angeles in pressuring District Attorney Jackie Lacey to do her job in prosecuting killer cops.

This fight is everything to us and we truly appreciate your support. Go one step closer and copy the link below:

Posting something on facebook or twitter will only take a second, but will mean that hundreds of people see the petition and can join our movement.

Tell your friends why you decided to sign the petition and why it’s important to you – people are more likely to offer their support if they understand why the people they are close to support it too!



In Solidarity & Unity,

Centro CSO


July 14th | Protest Chicanx Killings by LAPD

by Sol Már

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Centro CSO is hosting a summer protest against LAPD to demand the jailing of all the killer cops involved in the murders of:

José “Peruzzi” Méndez,
Edwin “Oops” Rodríguez,
Jesse Romero,
Carlos “Charlie” González,
Arturo Y Torrez,
Fred Barragan

And in the brutality against:
Pedro Echeverría,
David Ezpeitia.

Join the families, their friends and loved ones, whom are asking that you help support them during their time of need. If we unite against the common enemy, we become unbreakable.

Unete raza el 14 de julio at Hollenbeck Police Station – Boyle Heights

Contact us:
(323) 943-2030

Support May Day 2017 in Boyle Heights!

Centro CSO is a neighborhood organization; completely funded by the people. We are not a non-profit and we are not affiliated with any political parties.

Centro CSO is preparing to host May Day in Boyle Heights for the third year in a row, and is humbly asking for your help!

Some of our demands this May Day include: legalization NOT deportations, defend DACA, no to Bracero Programs, and no to U.S.A wars and occupations.

Items we will be using the funding for include:

Flat-bed truck,
Sound system,
Printed materials (flyers/posters)

The movement against the racist Trump administration will continue in Boyle Heights. Si se puede!

Tomorrow | Protest to Demand “Jail Killer Cops!”

18Join Centro CSO in PROTESTING to demand Jackie Lacey prosecute and jail killer cops. As District Attorney of Los Angeles, Jackie Lacey holds the power to investigate and prosecute killer cops for the crimes they continuously committ against the people.

LAPD has killed a whopping 20+ (mostly) Black and Chicanx/Latinx lives; Boyle Heights itself has seen FIVE this year.
This is at the old Hall of Justice at 211 West Temple st building at corner of Temple and Broadway in downtown LA.
Help us demand justice, bring a poster, bring your energy! JAIL KILLER COPS! LAPD IS GUILTY.


We Continue Fighting Back

Boyle Heights continues to come under attack with the fifth killing, this year. LAPD will not stop unless we continue to fight back.

Families of Jesse Romero, Arturo Torrez, Edwin Rodriguez, Jose “Peruzzi” Mendez, (and many other who have come forward since Centro CSO began organizing around these cases), will not rest until there is justice. Jail killer cops, release all videos, and justice for all of these victims of police terror.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to support. We have many actions planned! The most-updated social media outlets are our facebook and our twitter. Please follow both.

#HastaLaVictoria, siempre.

Centro CSO Presents “Bread & Roses” Movie Night

Be sure to join Centro CSO on August 6th for a movie night in Boyle Heights! We will be showing the movie Bread & Roses (see trailer below).

Bread and Roses is a 2000 drama film directed by Ken Loach, starring Adrien Brody. The plot deals with the struggle of poorly paid janitorial workers in Los Angeles and their fight for better working conditions and the right to unionize. It is based on the “Justice for Janitors” campaign of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). (from wikipedia)

There will be a potluck and a discussion after the film about joining the labor struggle as working-class Chicanos and peoples in Los Angeles.

Please join us!


Centro CSO Gearing Up for MEChA Conference | Tucson, AZ

Centro Community Service Organization (CSO) is gearing up for the MEChA Conference in Tucson, Arizona! Starting on March 17th – 20th, many of us are flying or carpooling there.

Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán; “Chican@ Student Movement of Aztlán”, the @ being a gender neutral inflection) is an organization that seeks to promote Chicano unity and empowerment.

Centro CSO upholds the Chicano Nation as being Aztlán and we understand the past influences the future. We hope to report on the conference and to meet many new faces.

Our struggle is at home and in East LA – specifically Boyle Heights but our fight is tied to all the Chican@s in all the U.S.; those stuck in a country that never loved them, and continues to repress them in their neighborhoods, schools, streets, at their jobs, culturally, and economically.

With many struggles left to win and unite under, don’t be discouraged if you can’t join Centro CSO at the MEChA Conference, we have plenty going on in Boyle Heights for you to join.

Hasta la victoria!

Centro CSO – Boyle Heights – Fighting for Immigrant Rights!


LA’s Centro CSO starts 2016 fighting for Deferred Action for all!

By staff |
January 22, 2016
Read more articles in
Members of Centro CSO. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Los Angeles, CA – In early 2014 there was hope that undocumented parents would be able to be protected against deportation, when President Obama issued an executive order to create Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Deferred Action for Children Arrivals, also known as DAPA/DACA. In 2014, 26 Republican governors, led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, filed a lawsuit in federal court that blocked its implementation. The Obama administration filed a speedy appeal challenging the Republican-led lawsuit. The U.S. Supreme Court will hold oral arguments in April and issue a ruling in June 2016. Millions of people will be are anxiously watching this ruling. Centro CSO plans to continue fighting for Deferred Action and legalization for all in the East Side of Los Angeles.

This January members of the Boyle Heights community group Centro CSO gathered to start the New Year fighting against deportations and in favor of Deferred Action. Knocking door-to-door, flyering outside of churches and taking to the streets, members of Centro CSO obtained many petition signatures in support of Deferred Action.

Centro CSO is a grassroots community-based organization that fights for equality for Mexicans, Chicanos and Latinos in the Boyle Heights area.

On Jan. 20, Centro CSO organized a successful first meeting for the year, in the heart of Boyle Heights. Plans for 2016 include a March 5 action to pressure the U.S. Supreme court for a favorable ruling on Deferred Action. Chicano activist Carlos Montes, arrested in the 1968 ELA walkouts, called on the meeting to unite and make plans for a large march and rally on May 1 in the heart of Boyle Heights to demand legalization for all and equality for Chicanos and Latinos.

Boyle Heights has a long history of resistance and mass marches against attacks. In 1994 over 150,000 people, mostly Latinos, marched in the heart of Boyle Heights to protest California proposition 187 that would have criminalized the undocumented.

Last year’s Central American refugee crisis shines a light on how the U.S.’s lack of immigration reform and a fair refugee policies causes suffering for Central Americans. The Department of Homeland Security and Immigration Customs Enforcement began deportation proceedings of Central Americans who have been denied political asylum. Central Americans may be granted political asylum but they must file an application and prove their case. However Mexicans are not eligible for political asylum and to avoid arrest by ICE take the dangerous routes to cross the U.S. border. They face death crossing dangerous desert terrain and violence on the border. Racist attacks continue against the undocumented and are being promoted by politicians like billionaire Donald Trump.

“Deferred Action for Parents of Americans will open the doors to many parents who have been in the shadows for years,” says Maria Ocampo of Centro CSO. “The parents who day after day fight for a dream. They deserve the right to live with no fear of being deported. No more separation of families!”

“A new year means a new victory left to fight for and win,” Says Sol Marquez another member of Centro CSO. “While Trump and other politicians running for U.S. president are busy trying to fool us, deportations continue. And while many organizations would push the undocumented aside, in Boyle Heights we’re trying to organize them to fight back! DAPA would mean protection against deportations for thousands of undocumented immigrants.”

Centro CSO has monthly organizing meetings. If you would like to get involved call 323-943-2030 or email If you would like to sign the online DAPA petition click here: