Boyle Heights to Protest GOP and Trump!

Centro CSO will be organizing a caravan from Boyle Heights to the Republican Debate – happening on Mexico’s Independence Day September 16th.

We invite you to join us in protesting the GOP and Donald Trump! Trump has publicly bashed immigrants and proposed his solution on immigration: DEPORT THEM ALL!

Not only are we against Trump’s proposal, we are also against New York Republican Candidate Chris Christie’s immigration proposal – bar-coding immigrants like FedEx boxes! No one on the Republican side has our backs, and this is why we will be protesting THEM ALL!

Join us in saying: #Not1More deportation, no militarization at the border, no guest-worker/recyclable labor, and no more detentions!

If you are interested in joining our caravan leaving from Boyle Heights to Simi Valley, please message us here or at:

Time: Meet at 3:30 PM
Location Benjamin Franklin Library at the intersection of 1st & Chicago
Who: Centro CSO, La Raza Unida + community members


Welcome! ¡Bienvenido!

We are Centro Community Service Organization or Centro CSO.  We operate, work with, and help organize the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles. The main issues we organize around are for: the rights of the undocumented, quality public education, and supporting -in solidarity- other communities seeking social justice. Join us!

Somos Organización de Servicio Comunitario del Centro o Centro CSO. Operamos, trabajamos, y ayudamos a organizar el área de Boyle Heights, en el Este de Los Ángeles. Las cuestiones por cual organizamos son: los derechos de los indocumentados, educación pública, de calidad, y apoyamos -en solidaridad- otras comunidades en busca de la justicia social. ¡Únete a nosotros!